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Live Commerce is here to stay- an InsightzClub study

InsightzClub, a technology-based market research start up, conducted an analysis on the growing trends of Live commerce.

Live commerce is talk of the town these days. Engaging people of all age groups with the various forms of content being displayed over the feature. Right from entertainment all the way to advertising. It is an incredibly powerful tool if used in the right way.

With the feature being incredibly easy to use, it can prove to be fruitful in many ways for brands.

For brands seeking to explore this fast-growing channel, here are three ways to take live-commerce strategy to the next level:

Integrate AI and mobile-friendly technology

Coming on board a new digital trend isn’t just about the technology available to the business, it’s also about the technology conveniently placed at customers’ fingertips.

An everyday technological tool that has completely revolutionised retail is the smartphone. Superapps across Asia – such as China’s WeChat, India’s Paytm and South Korea’s Kakao – have consolidated banking, shopping and social media into one place, making it easier for customers to shop and connect with brands.

Leverage micro-influencers

In the social space, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can have a strong influence over their followers. And it doesn’t have to be superstar celebrities. Micro-influencers are an under-tapped resource but their thousands of followers are highly engaged.

Due to their streamlined following, micro-influencers are also better able to react and respond to individual fans, which helps to build trust and rapport with their audiences. By working with micro-influencers to host livestreams, businesses engage professional storytellers and expand their reach to new audiences – audiences that know and trust the recommendations of their favourite KOLs.

Ramp up shoppertainment

With emerging new channels come many opportunities. Once businesses are equipped with the technology to enable their tasks and have zoomed in on the right influencers to represent their products, they can focus on creating engaging experiences across every touchpoint. To know more about consumer behaviour and trends reach out to InsightzClub to know more about our solutions.