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Customer acquisition becomes easier for brands by understanding consumer personas, brand usage, customer experience, interests, preferences, and media & content usage for brand growth & customer loyalty.

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InsightzClub is a Data Intelligence Platform that delivers highly personalized consumer data for marketing and branding. It provides consumer persona, customer journey, user segments, and user profile for media targeting.

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Our Solutions for Connecting Brands with Audience

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Customer Experience

Drive Growth Through Customer Insights: Our market research unveils consumer preferences, behaviors, and satisfaction levels, empowering businesses to optimize customer experiences and fuel growth

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New Product Development

Inspire Innovation: Our market research delivers essential insights on market trends, customer needs, and competitors, fueling successful new product developments.

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Brand & Communication

Craft Compelling Messages: Our market research unveils consumer perceptions and effective communication channels, empowering brands to connect meaningfully with their audience.

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Retail & Shopper

Optimize Retail Experiences: Our market research unlocks shopper insights, guiding businesses to enhance store layouts, product placement, and marketing strategies for increased sales.

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What Our Customers Say

Tech Startup


Thanks to their insightful market research, we were able to identify untapped opportunities in our industry and refine our product offerings accordingly. Their expertise truly helped us stay ahead of the competition.

FMCG Company

Marketing Director

Their market research provided invaluable insights into consumer behavior, enabling us to tailor our marketing campaigns for maximum impact. The results were impressive, driving significant growth in sales and brand awareness..

Consumer Goods Company

Product Development Director

We were amazed by the depth of analysis provided in their market research report. It gave us a clear understanding of our target audience and helped us develop products that truly resonate with their needs and preferences.

F&B Chain


Their thorough market research not only helped us understand market trends but also identified potential risks and challenges that we were able to proactively address. Their strategic recommendations were instrumental in guiding our business decisions.

Cosmetic Retailer

Brand Manager

Their market research played a pivotal role in shaping our brand strategy. By understanding consumer perceptions and competitor landscapes, we were able to refine our messaging and establish a stronger brand presence in the market.

Hospitality Industry

Customer Experience Manager

The market research conducted by their team provided us with actionable insights that led to significant improvements in our customer experience. We saw a notable increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result of implementing their recommendations.

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