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Impacts, Concerns, & Adaptation of Remote Students – the Pandemic in South East Asia

The education sector has experienced a major upheaval during the pandemic. Arguably, those most affected have been the students themselves. From university to primary school pupils, classes and activities have transitioned to online (remote) Learning Management Systems (LMSs). InsightzClub, a tech-based market research start-up, investigated the impacts of remote learning on students and guardians in South East Asia.

Remote Learning Experience

The government mandated online learning and the temporary closure of education institutions in the first wave of the pandemic in March of 2020. Since then, there have been sporadic reopening of campuses and schools, with 2021 seeing most students having to study from home. Over 56% of our respondents reported that they have been confined to e-learning since the beginning of the pandemic. A further 37% of those studying from home have only begun to do so in 2021, a result of the rise in reported COVID-19 infections.

It has become a challenging task for the government to outline SOPs for schools and universities, limiting infections with high levels of physical interaction. The majority of our study’s participants reported being satisfied or highly satisfied with the government’s management of the education sector.

Concerns & Adaptation

Remote learning can be especially difficult; psychological research has found that it may result in fatigue, burnout, and lower moods. The lack of physical activity is a major concern of health professionals and students alike, followed by socialization. Our respondents confirm this hypothesis – 40% and 33% reporting reduced physical activity and socialization respectively. Conversely, individuals are adapting to the ‘new normal’ and the effects may be less pronounced. Many respondents claimed that learning from home has made them more independent (40%), and that the pandemic has not negatively impacted their learning in a substantial manner.

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