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How is the Pandemic Changing the Way Consumers Think and Behave?

Since the pandemic shook leaving businesses and consumers in a frenzy, consumer behavior has never looked so different. It has changed the way people work, travel, communicate, shop and more. It has entirely changed the way consumers browse online and their shopping patterns while paving way to focus on important issues like sustainability and health. The digital world has seen a roaring uprising in many parts of the world since the pandemic. But which new habits will stick permanently?

In this article InsightzClub reviews the role and impact of pandemic on consumer behaviour.

Increased familiarity with WFH mode

The new normal has pushed people towards a ‘WFH’ model of working. Almost all companies have adopted various digital technologies to support their employees including video-conferencing apps, task and work-flow management, hardware devices, and much more. Many companies have decided to employ this model henceforth forever for their staff. Hence, consumers have become accustomed to the adoption of the new digital era.

Consumers online shopping is resilient

Many retailers and small store owners have gone digital due to the pandemic. Hence, the pandemic has resulted in consumers switching over to online shopping for their grocery and household items.

Health awareness is the new buzz in town

People are becoming increasingly aware and conscious of their personal health and safety. People have imbibed the double mask theory and incorporated the use of various pharmaceutical products like sanitizers, first-aid medicines, etc. into their daily lives. They have additionally realized the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating exercise regimes into their daily activities.

Change in purchasing behavior patterns

Surveys have helped us arrive to the conclusion that regions worldwide are shifting towards a more value-based purchasing which prioritizes obtaining maximum value for the money spent by the consumer. Consumers have drastically reduced discretionary spending. Another observation is the shock to brand loyalty. Consumers are trying out new brands that provide them with better value for their money and are likely to stick to the new brand. Additionally, there has been a higher love for sticking to local brands.

The pandemic has changed the way we all live and our behaviors. This could lead to positive experiences which will last longer especially those driven by convenience and well-being like digital adoption, increased health awareness, and value-based purchasing. The pandemic has definitely changed consumers’ behaviors, priorities, and purchasing habits, which has led to changes in the business world, many of which we can expect to be permanent.

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