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Elevate your marketing strategies through big data

KUALA LUMPUR – In an era where information is vast, abundant and easily obtained by anyone it is important to rely on data-backed facts and figures when it comes to making important business decisions. Big data has proven to be useful in helping various businesses thrive across various industries, among them being real estate and the F&B industry. Comprehensive and reliable data is required for an effective marketing campaign, positioning InsightzClub as the first-of-its-kind industry growth hack expert that provides trustable and data-supported evidence to brands via their online platform.

Importance of Big Data Access for Brands

One of the key benefits of big data in businesses is to act as a guide when it comes to marketing and branding campaigns, allowing brands detailed insights into mass consumer behaviourism. In support of the marketing teams of brands, InsightzClub aims to help businesses make smarter and more strategic marketing decisions through the analysis of large quantities of data. This translates into intelligent, personalised and actionable marketing insights for InsightzClub’s clients. Founded in 2017 by Mritunjay Kumar and Padmanabhan Ramaswamy, InsightzClub is also currently supported by Telstra, Muru-D and other credible investors.

Make Informed Decisions with the First Behavioral and Passive Data Platform

The defining difference between InsightzClub and other similar platforms in the market is that they take the extra step further when it comes to data analytics by analysing behavioural and passive data in real-time, allowing for InsightzClub to deliver highly targeted and personalised data to their clients across multiple industries. The usage of personalised data allows brands to fully understand their consumer patterns, resulting in as much as 200% higher consumer engagement.

“Our goal with InsightzClub was to help brands gain better insights into consumer behaviour through both real-time behavioural and passive data as we realised that the usage of this information positively affected marketing campaigns. We collect all of our data legally through our own mobile application that individuals can download, allow access and subsequently be rewarded for. Big data is extremely useful if leveraged on effectively and the future of the industry is bright; through InsightzClub we are ultimately aiming to enable the marketing teams from various brands across the globe and really help brands to reach their full potential,” said co-founder, Mritunjay Kumar.

This mass amount of data is delivered to clients via InsightzClub’s comprehensive proprietary dashboard built for marketing and brand-building. Through their six different marketplaces, consisting of iCHECK, iEVAL, iFEED, iNAVIG8, iSENSE and iCONSUME – InsightzClub does not only provide analytical data but also allows brands to monitor their digital campaigns and have access to new and relevant data through their survey tool. iCONSUME specifically is meant for individuals who sign-up on InsightzClub’s mobile application, allowing the recording of the individual’s consumption behaviour on their phone as they go about their daily lives.

“Our data is collected in real-time from individuals who download and use the InsightzClub’s mobile application, resulting in fresh readily-available analytics to be leveraged on by brands. Rest assured that this collected data is only for the perusal of InsightzClub and is completely confidential and safe. We have also devised a promising incentive and rewards system for the users of the mobile application to further encourage their participation”, Mritunjay added.

Leveraging on Big Data Proven to be Successful

InsightzClub has a strong track record of proven success, with their clientele list including multinational corporations such as Maxis, Astro, Grab, L’Oréal and Mediacorp. Through the usage of InsightzClub’s data, brands and businesses have since noted an increment in their revenue by 24% yearly, truly cementing their strong presence and effectiveness within the Malaysian market. Marketing campaigns for these brands have also noted an increase in reachout through effective targeting, all of which are a result of the consumer insights provided by InsightzClub.

Comprehensive data intelligence from the platform is available from RM5,000, inclusive of customisable and specifically-tailored packages to cater to the brand’s niche and marketing goals. With this data, brands will be able to rely on the ensured and reliable results that have cemented InsightzClub’s strong presence within the data analytics industry.

The platform has experienced great success with brands across the Southeast Asian market. The InsightzClub team is currently working towards a global expansion as they constantly strive to upgrade and ultimately be able to serve brands worldwide. To get better marketing strategies for your brand and to check out the platform’s various offerings, visit:

InsightzClub is a marketing technology platform that delivers highly personalized insights by integrating and analysing data from multiple sources, which include behavioural and passive data. The usage of these data helps businesses make smarter and more strategic marketing decisions. Using personalised and actionable marketing insights, brands are able to fully understand their consumer patterns and in turn, have a higher rate of consumer engagement. To find out more, visit InsightzClub’s website.

InsightzClub’s Six Marketplaces:

  • iCHECK – Test, optimize and measure brand uplift of digital campaigns

  • iEVAL – Concept assessment on rational, emotional and behavioral dimensions

  • iFEED – Agile way to get quick access to consumer opinions

  • iNAVIG8 – Allows brand to assess, activate and convert consumers

  • iSENSE – Allows product testing with targeted activation

  • iCONSUME – Tracks on-the-go user consumptions