Programmatic Marketplace for Market Research

Connecting Buyers & Data Partners/Suppliers of Market Research

Buyer Interface

Undertake market research now

Data Partner Interface laptop


Real Time Sampling for faster
turnaround & increased

Real time pricing estimation

Significant cost saving
through programmatic platform
and sharing feature

Live Tracking of your data

Access to a consolidated
ecosystem of data suppliers

Inventory optimization
of suppliers user base through
programmatic technology

How it works

InsightzClub works on the basis of the following simple steps:

View Existing Projects
Join Existing surveys
or build new surveys
Get Pricing
Pay Online/Offline
Launch Survey
Receive update
once your survey
is complete
Download results
using client login


Pricing is based on the following:

  • Country
  • Target Audience of Interest
  • Sample Size
  • Number of clients who can share the same sample & target audience

Just a few clicks to determine the pricing for your project, visit the below link and input a few simple details and get the pricing instantly

Estimate pricing for your study

About Us

The founding team consists of professionals with senior management level experience in market research & analytics across Asia-Pacific

Contact Us

Contact us by writing to us at

Insightzclub Pte Ltd (Reg No: 201603060K)
#10-11 International Plaza, Anson Road, Singapore - 079903

Insightzsurvey Sdn Bhd (MSC Status Co) Reg No: 1198885-W
Vipod Business Centre, 6 Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur- 50450, Malaysia